We are glad to announce the call for papers of JADT 2022

16th International Conference 
on Statistical Analysis of Textual Data

It will be held in Naples (Italy) on 6 - 8 July, 2022

Organised by VADISTAT - Per Simona Balbi
Univ. of Naples Federico II


This biennial conference, which has constantly gained importance since its first occurrence in 1992, is open to all scholars and researchers working in the field of textual data analysis, including natural language processing and lexicography, text mining, information science, computational linguistics, sociolinguistics, analysis of political discourse and content analysis.

The conference will focus on the applications of statistical models and tools in the following areas: 

    •  Natural Language Processing
    •  Text Corpora Encoding
    •  Corpus and Quantitative Linguistics
    •  Multilingual and Parallel corpora
    •  Exploratory Textual Data Analysis
    •  Statistical Analysis of Unstructured and Structured Data
    •  Text Clustering and Text Categorisation
    •  Machine Learning for Textual Data Analysis
    •  Information Retrieval and Information Extraction
    •  Web Mining, Semantic Web
    •  Network tools for Text Mining
    •  Science mapping for Bibliometric Analyses
    •  Stylometry, Discourse analysis
    •  Software for Textual Data Analysis 

Developed by Maria Spano & Luca D'Aniello - Univ. di Napoli Federico II, IT