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M A K E  -   J A D T   2 0 2 2   A w a r d

Machine Learning and Knowledge Extraction (MAKE) is an international, scientific, peer-reviewed, open access journal published by MDPI.

As media partner of JADT2022 Conference, MAKE offers a Best Paper Award of € 300,00 for contributions focused on the use of supervised techniques for Text Mining.

Candidates will be awarded on the ground of a scientific competition. The prize will be paid directly to the winner during the conference, receiving a certified statement as winners of the MAKE - JADT2022 Award.



• Only people submitting a paper to the JADT 2022 can apply for a MAKE grant
• Each candidate can apply for a MAKE grant with only one paper
• In order to be eligible, candidates must have their paper accepted by the review panel


• Application must be sent to the Organising Committee by December 31, 2021
• A jury, headed by the VADISTAT president, will grade the candidates. The author/s of the best paper will be awarded with the prize
• The decision of the jury is final and may not be appealed.

Send us your application by filling out
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